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Korean Sheet Mask

I’ve decided I want to explore more beauty related products outside of the Western mainstream. While Sephora will always be my beauty mecca I know the 3 billion dollar industry has a lot more products for me to explore.

This blog post sort of lumps in both Korean and Japanese beauty, even though they are different in their own right they surely share a lot of similarities. K & J beauty skin care routine are quite rigorous, including a double cleanse, toner, essence, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, with an additional 3-5 traditional face masks weekly. This is quite intensive to the Western standard which preaches three simple steps: cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

I was recently in a Japanese big box store and saw an array of sheet masks from both Japan and Korea which is what brought me to this topic. My strategy was to observe what masks other women were picking up and choose masks based on popularity.

Sheet Mask Vs. Regular Mask

A sheet mask is a thin cotton sheet, soaked in powerful ingredients, and cut into an appropriate shape of a face. Sheet masks are a one time use (unless there are multiple masks in your pack). Traditional face masks are used for a greater variety of purposes. I have normal to dry skin, and therefore sheet masks are my go to. I love to use one right before applying my make up for a special occasion to ensure my skin is glowing.

Before Makeup

Medi Heal I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask | 1 Mask for $4 | Korean

Medi Heal I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask

This mask allows my makeup to go on like a dream. It makes my face feel hydrated without leaving any sort of residue which is why I think it’s perfect for prepping my skin. Medi Heal created this mask for radiance with ingredients like Morus Alba Extract, Arbutin, and their signature hydra gel technology to brighten dull skin.

Before Bed

A’pieu Strawberry Milk Mask | 1 Mask for $2 | Korean

The A’pieu Strawberry Milk Mask uses strawberry extracts to hydrate and brighten skin. The cute pink milk carton packaging of this product is really what actually caught my eye. Nordstrom carries this brand as well, with different (Americanized) packaging. Aside from the price difference I actually prefer the ‘cutesy’ Korean packaging. You will notice the scent of this mask that smells like strawberry bubble gum. If you are sensitive to fragrances I would not recommend trying out the A’pieu line. The sheet mask intensely hydrates, therefore I would recommend putting this on right before bed opposed to a before a makeup application.

DIY Treatment

Daiso Japan Compressed Facial Mask | 35 Masks for $3| Japanese

    This mask is perfect for those who want to maximize the benefits of their favorite lotions or serums. The mask itself does not have any product on it. The compressed mask comes in a small tablet form which requires you to add enough of your own desired product to allow it to swell up and apply to your face. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to stray too far away from their current skin care regiment. I prefer using this mask after an at home microneedle treatment with the same serum I used for the micro needling.

Deep Hydration

LuLuLun Refreshing Clarity Face Mask White | 7 Masks for $10 | Japanese

This brand includes 7 masks, one for every day of the week. This mask was perfect for my skin in the winter time. One mask for each day of the week kept me dedicated to my regiment and my face feeling supple. After completing a week of these I did notice a big difference in the tone of my skin. The clarity face mask has vitamin C to reduce redness and plant-based Geranium Rovertianum to combats UV induced fine line and wrinkles.

J & K Beauty Influencers

If you are more interested in this topic of J & K Beauty I’ve included links to my favorite influencers on this topic.



This girl makes so many recommendations to help you customize your skincare routine based almost entirely on Korean beauty products. In addition to her Instagram account, she has a blog to give you all the details on how to perfect your Korean skincare routine.



Alicia is s former esthetician turned skincare guru that has created her own Korean beauty online store Lily & Peach. She regularly posts her favorite skincare products in addition to Korean skincare product recommendations used by celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian.



    Renée is a skin care enthusiasts and vlogger. I know a lot of people prefer to watch vlogs which is why I included Renée on this list. In addition to watching her lavish travels, she talks a lot about skincare in her videos that include both Korean and non-Korean products.





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