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Time for check-in! If you weren’t at 195 Spadina Ave A.K.A the YSL Beauty Hotel its okay because I took plenty of pictures living my best Persian life. The two-floor pop-up was a “gramable” beauty heaven. Toronto is the most recent destination for this pop-up, but you may have previously seen the YSL Beauty Hotel across your gram in Paris, Shanghai, and NYC.

The first thing you will notice is Le Lobby where you can choose from a wall of YSL Beauty Hotel Keys. If you choose the right one you could win some free products. I guess my picking was off and didn’t win, but when I went over to the arcade claw machine I was a little luckier. Past the DJ and up the stairs of the pop-up there is a line up of booths to try some YSL beauty products (and of course more spaces to snap the perfect insta pic).


Past the never-ending sea of the YSL neon lights, this event was to showcase their products that have have recently released. There were two new products that really stood out for me, first being the Rouge Pur Couture ‘The Slim’ Lipstick. The first thing you will notice if you get a chance to test out this product is the not-so-standard packaging. The design of the lipstick is inspired by the sensual idea of smoking a cigarette. The crisp edges of the diamond-shaped applicator on this product will definitely help the precision when applying (something I struggle with). I choose to swatch three shades that would be spot on for the upcoming fall season.


The second product that I wasn’t initially interested in was the new men’s Y fragrance. Even though this is technically a cologne I am going to add this baby to my fragrance collection.  It smells expensive. Y gives me visions of a girl boss with a portfolio to the stars and the ‘who’s who’ on speed dial. I could totally gift this to my boyfriend too and then just use it all to myself! Bonus!!


As much as I am eager to try new beauty products I know anything YSL beauty is tried and true for me. After years of devoting myself to a certain foundation, I started using the YSL Ouche Éclate Le Teint. Everyone always asks how I get my skin to look hydrated and flawless and its because of this product. Before you think I just came for the glitz and glam of the YSL beauty hotel I truly am a YSL beauty girl. Lastly, I would like to thank Suzie from the YSL beauty team who I had run into previously at another YSL beauty event. Maybe you remember that I mentioned her from one of my previous posts? Once again she was so kind and helpful to spend the time filling me in on the new products to get some content for this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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