Moving to the City

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Moving to the city

I finished 4 years of a school in a place that was only 20 minutes away from where I grew up. Needless to say after all of that time in one area I knew I needed a change. I let doubt go and decided it was time to follow the desire for a new experience.

Places and Spaces

Moving to a new place can be so inspiring. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Something about big cities attracts big dreamers and its easy to get lost daydreaming about a new life direction. Between new people and this new place, I’ve found its an amazing place to find yourself. In a big city, you are never truly alone, even when you are all by yourself. Sitting on my balcony with a good book or meeting with friends in a park to sit and talk for hours on end is my favourite.

Let That Sh*t Go

It sounds a cliche but I did truly need to let myself doubt. My thoughts and fears are always holding me back, but I’ve seen how bigger risks lead to an even better reward. The simplest tasks, such as going to a job interview wreck my nerves but I always remember that if I let fears stop me now I will carry that habit for the rest of my life. I always push through and a glass of wine before anything always helps with the nerves.

Spare No Expense

On home decor or bed sheets that is. Comfort is everything.  Sleep is so important and having a good night sleep can make all the difference. Long days in a new place are exhausting. I’ve truly appreciated my fresh, white sheets and no matter where I go it is vital that I’m comfortable where I sleep. I’ve made sure to decorate my place in a way that truly reflects my style so that it feels like home away from home.

Boxes Checked

The universe has my back but not entirely. I had to be realistic that the place I wanted to move through was going to require some serious savings. When I landed a job in the city I spent the first two months essentially commuting hours back and forth to my hometown just so I could save up to move. It’s even more of a challenging to secure a place without a 9-5 job, so moving hasn’t been all about picking up some packing boxes and renting a moving truck.


When your an adult its sort of awkward making friends. I’m no longer in school to kind of naturally begin a friendship. Luckily I work with many people close to my age so I’ve created a few friendships in the short time I have been here. It is totally strange pushing myself to be like “hey, do you like want to hang sometime?”. I’ve learned not to be afraid to ask someone to go do something. Luckily the city had plenty of people to hang out with and so many things you can do.


Living out on my own has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. As soon as I turned 18 I moved away out of my parents and into my own place. Something about achieving self-sufficiency is so damn satisfying. Now that I finally made it to Toronto on my own I feel even more self-assured. Independence in life is key and I always need control over my own life direction. Before I moved so many people talked down about Toronto telling me that the cities overcrowded, too busy, and too expensive. I’ve realized these comments are just biased, based on the small town opinions of how someone else thinks my life should be. I’m not here to lead a boring life so screw playing things safe.


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