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Hair masks are essential for your weekly hair regiment to deep condition and repair hair shafts. It is also a good reason to take some time for self-care and the 1-minute hair mask by Garnier Fructis means everyone has time to use a hair mask. I wanted to take you through a few steps to maximize the benefits of your hair mask because the prep is ‘oh so important’.

 1. Apply Straight Out of the Shower

You can apply a hair mask on dry hair but straight out of the shower is best. Since you have already opened the cuticles of your hair whilst in the shower your hair will soak up more of the good stuff in your mask.

2. Separate Your Hair into Sections

Big or small sections will work. I always would apply my hair mask to my hair all at once but that is an easy way to miss spots so I have since switched to sectioning off my hair.

3.Comb Through Your Hair

With a wide tooth comb of course! The comb will help further distribute the product evenly.

4. Apply Heat

Heat is another way to open the cuticles of your hair. I would recommend using your hair dryer on the low setting You can even put on a shower cap if you have one handy to keep the heat contained.

5. Dry off With Cotton

Ditch the bath towels that are too rough on your hair, absorbs too much moisture, and thus damage your hair cuticle. Gently dry your hair off with a towel that’s 100% cotton or an old cotton-shirt!

One of the new favourite masks that I have tried is the Avocado Extract Smoothing Treatment from Garnier Fructis 1 minute hair mask range. The Garnier Fructis range is a vegan formula without any silicons or parabens and is only a few dollars from the drugstore! To check out more from the Garnier Fructis line CLICK HERE


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