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Hail to Kourtney Kardashian for hyping up cat eye sunglasses. A revival of the 90’s is still in full swing and sunglass fashion is no exception. The cat eye shape can be a little intimidating to pull off without looking like you stepped out of the matrix. I would recommend trying different variations of cat eye shapes and colors before you commit to a pair. The cat eye is also a fairly new trend so I’ve put together a high to low list of cat eye glasses you can choose from depending on your commitment level. Most often sunglasses range in price depending on the quality of ultraviolet in the lens (a property that protects your eyes from UV rays). If you see your self just wearing a pair of cat eye sunglasses just for the style a few times this season don’t hesitate to pick up a less expensive pair.

Aldo/ 1 Colour/ $16 CAD

Sunglasses Aldo

I SPY/1 Colour/ $17

Quay/1 Colour/ $75 CAD

QUAY Sunglasses

Le Specs/ 1 Colour/ $93 CAD

Le Specs Cat Eye

Le Specs/ 1 Colour / $107 CAD

Le Spec Cat Eye

Carrera / 4 Colours / $215

 Balenciaga / 2 Colours/ $578 CAD

Cat Eye


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