Halo Top Ice Cream in Canada! Review

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Halo Top Ice cream Canada

Halo Top Has Reached Canada

After calling every supermarket in my area since last week I was finally able to track this ice cream down. If you are looking to purchase Halo Top check out the store locator on their website. Make sure to call ahead as the product is still very new to Canada so stores that intend on carrying it may not have it in stock yet. For reference, the grocery store I purchased Halo Top from retailed the small tubs of Halo Top for $6.99.

What’s So Special?

A lot of people are wondering what all the hype is about this product. Well, for one HaloTop has significantly LESS calories, fat, and sugar than the average ice cream. An added benefit is that Halo Top has MORE protein than the average ice cream. Halo Top is sweetened using organic stevia so you don’t have to stress about white refined sugar! Halo Top also offers dairy-free/vegan flavors that are made with coconut milk that I haven’t been able to find as of yet. Eating an ENTIRE pint of any of the Halo Top flavors is roughly around 300 calories!

Halo Top offers a wide variety of flavor and not every location has all of them. Out of the flavors I was able to find I chose peanut butter swirl, chocolate chip cookie dough, pancakes & waffles, and birthday cake. I thought I would give you are a brief review of my first impressions of these flavors.

Peanut Butter Swirl 

Halo Top Ice Cream

Taste: 9/10 

Calories: 320 per pint

Protein 20g per pint

This flavor is a peanut butter lovers dream. The chocolate mixed with the swirls of peanut butter doesn’t miss a beat. No one would be able to tell that this is a healthier alternative to the other stuff.  This would surely satisfy some late night cravings. It probably deserves 10/10 but I’m not always in the mood for peanut butter so I am a bit bias.


Pancakes and Waffles

Halo Top Ice cream

Taste: 7/10

Calories: 320 per pint

Protein: 20g per pint 

I found this to be a flavour that resembles Aunt Jemina syrup in the form of an ice cream. This flavor wasn’t my favorite, but it was still very good. I haven’t had Pancake and/or Waffle flavored ice cream before, so this was an interesting option. I guess if you wanted to eat ice cream for breakfast I guess this could be the best of both worlds.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Halo Top Ice Cream

Taste: 10/10 

Calories: 320 per pint

Protein: 20g per pint 

Growing up Cookie dough was always my favorite flavor of ice cream. Halo Top mastered this flavor perfectly. When I took a small bite to test out the flavor I nearly ate half the tub. That’s only 180 calories then, right? The cookie dough clunks are small and plentiful but not overpowering.


Birthday Cake

Halo Top Birthday Cake

Taste: 5/10 

Calories: 280 per pint

Protein: 20g per pint 

I found Birthday Cake to be lackluster.  Birthday Cake was a bland version of vanilla ice cream. The colourful confetti mixed in the ice cream is more exciting than the taste. I sort of regret purchasing this flavour but luckily I have three others to finish!


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