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If you haven’t already checked out the Christian Dior exhibit at the ROM there are still a few weeks left! The exhibit showcases various one of a kind pieces of Parisian haute couture created by the masterful hands of Christian Dior. The displays focus on the ten years following WWII when haute couture hit a peak on the runways of Paris. Dior’s designs were considered by the fashion world to be revolutionary because he created the “new look”. The “new look” was a shift in fashion design with a purpose to make women look simply pretty.

The showcase provides an in-depth look at the expert sewing skills of Dior and claims that he revived the expert dressmaking skills that had been forgotten. In addition to dressmaking, Dior was also an expert at ribbon making, pattern design, shoe construction, and jewelry making which are also on display in the exhibit.

If you plan to visit…

The display was put together by Holt Renfrew to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chrisitan Dior fashion house. If you plan on visiting I recommend buying your tickets in advance and choosing an off-peak time. (It was very busy on the Saturday afternoon that I was able to visit.)

I thought I would include a few interesting details I learned about Dior through this exhibit:

1. Dior was very superstitious

Dior was known for being incredibly superstitious and it is said that these anxieties only worsened with age. He was very particular about the number of designs in a collection. Dior also named one garment in every collection after his hometown of Granville, Normandy. In addition, one model in every one of his runway shows had to carry a bouquet of white lilies.

2. Unknown Death

The true reason for Dior’s death at age 52 still remains unknown. The details of his death have never been officially confirmed. Some speculate that he may have had a heart attack.

3. Dior Once Employed Yves Saint Laurent

Dior choose Yves Saint Laurent to become his design assistant at the age of 19. When Dior past away a few years later Laurent was appointed as successor of the Dior fashion house. Upon Dior’s passing the fashion house was left in disarray but clearly, Laurent made a name for himself.


Christian Dior ROM

Christian Dior ROM






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