Purchasing High-End Beauty

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So you want to try a high-end beauty line, huh? Well, before you make your selection there are a few things you should consider. Even the place where you choose to purchase these products can be important. Here are a few tips before making your beauty investment.

Ask for Samples

I feel that Sephora is the least intimidating place to ask for samples. The sales associates are relatively helpful in the product selection process and are actually willing to answer any questions you might have. You can get small samples of just about anything if you ask.

Gift Sets or Travel Sets

If you’re not sure which products from a specific line you would like to try out see if you can find gift or travel sets. These sets will allow you to test out a few products before committing to anything full size.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure wherever you choose to purchase a product, that the store offers a decent return policy. Once again I highly recommend Sephora because they have the easiest return policy. Even if you have tried the product and decide it’s simply not for you, Sephora will give you a full refund.

Check Reviews

This might seem like second nature but it also counts where you are reading these reviews. I have heard rumors that Sephora doesn’t post all of its negative reviews. Also, don’t get sucked into the marketing of Instagram that pays bloggers lots of $$$ to hype up mediocre products. My favorite unbiased resource for beauty product reviews is makeupalley.com. The look of this site is a little outdated but the reviews are legit.


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