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I was walking down the street in Belgrade, minding my own business when the most GORGEOUS window display stopped me in my path. I had to take a quick double look at long raspberry tulle dress in the front window. Unfortunately, when I went to pull open the front door of this mystery boutique the door was locked. It must have been fate because before I had the chance to walk away I heard the door prop open by someone on the other side. A woman introduced herself and luckily let me into the store. After some small talk exchanged between us she explained that what I thought was a boutique is actually a private showroom for a Serbian designer. If you’ve ever been to Serbia you will understand why this place would stand out. The ultra feminine interior complemented by hot pink hues and dresses covered in jewels had me swooning.

I made sure to take some pictures because I knew this gem I had stumbled upon was something I wanted to share on Lyon & Fifth. As I took some shots the women who had let me in showed me around the Demode show room. She explained that the designer, Boris Kargotic, makes all the pieces custom and by hand. The label he created is Demode Jewelry which has gained a reputation for being an avant garde designer. The brand does a lot of jewelry work for international A-list celebs including American Popstar Nicki Minaj who was recently in a Vogue magazine shoot wearing one of Demode’s head pieces.

Nicki Minaj’s Vogue Shoot in Demode Here

Nicki Minaj Wearing Demode in Paris Fashion Week Here


Demode’s Line Includes:



Head Pieces

Body Chains


Anything you can add jewels to…

The attention to detail on all of their work is spectacular and I can see why the “who’s who” have already discovered Demode. Something similar to the dresses in the photographs above run for 1000+ Euros. Maybe if I cross my fingers enough an opportunity where I need an over the top gown will come along so I can give Demode a call. Until then here’s the link for you to check them out for yourself:





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