Nice, France | The Sites & Sounds of This Coastal City

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I have arrived in the South of France and it is everything I could imagine and more. I am staying in Nice while I am here and luckily I am only a two-minute walk from the beach.  I would highly recommend staying as close to the coast as possible if you plan on visiting because the beach, shopping, and site seeing is there. Once your further into town its mostly the residence of Nice going about their daily life, so there aren’t as many sites to take in. If you ever debated making a trip to Nice here are a few things you could visit while you’re here.

  1. The Beach

The most obvious, I know, but you will likely spend most of your time here. The turquoise blue ocean is hard to resist. Make sure you pack on sunscreen because the sun is strong along the coast. The beach is filled with rocks that isn’t always the most comfortable so bring something comfy to lay on. There’s all the option of going to the private cabana restaurants and renting one of their lounge chairs for 20-50 euro a day.



  1. City Centre

The city centre is where you can find all the major shopping. There are a few high-end stores but a majority are small boutiques and fast fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, Mango, etc. Even if you’re looking to hold off on making purchases it is nice to take in this area and see the old architecture. This area flows into the Old city, meaning you really can’t miss it if you walk around Nice.



  1. The Old City

The old part of Nice is filled with restaurants and shops, but make sure you get there before 3 o’clock because everything closes early. The Old City has everything you would expect in a small French area! There’s a specialty chocolate shop, perfumery, and lots of places to stop for an espresso. This area also hosts Nice’s Opera house if that is something you are into.

  1. Castle of Nice

Chateau de Nice isn’t much of a castle at all and was actually used for military purposes. Prepare for treading up a lot of stairs, but all this hard work will pay off once you reach the top and can see the entire Nice coast.



  1. Henri Matisse Museum

There’s a special treat for art lovers in Nice. There is a museum dedicated to some of the most important works of Henri Matisse. Matisse worked so closely on the creation of this museum that he was the one to choose where each art piece should be hung.



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