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I’m so basic (it hurts) but not to worry I am fully aware. I spend a majority of my time sifting through Instagram. The most of the popular Instagram accounts whether it be fashion, beauty, makeup, etc are always riddled with the same repeat pictures. In my searches, I have come across a few accounts that stand apart from the rest. Thus, here is my list of “Inspo Instagram Accounts That Are Slept On”.



I don’t know how to quite explain what makes or breaks a manicure but there is a fine line. I’m always tired of getting the same solid nail color polish with the fear that anything out of the box will be tacky.  Nail_unistella is the Haute Couture of nails and takes any manicure from 0 to 100 real quick with the perfect amount of genius. Have you ever heard of gold wire nails? I hadn’t! When I saw these pictures I was ah-mazed.  The account is run by manicurist Park Eun Kyung who is creating statements through nail art.



Sarah is a Toronto-based blogger that I started to follow more closely once I started my own blog. Her Instagram continues to grow as I see more and more people are discovering her. I believe she’s been blogging for over 3 years so she knows what’s good when it comes to posting where to shop or eat in Toronto. Sarah always achieves an effortless style with her minimalist fashion. She’s also made me envious of her weekend visits to “Her Majesties Pleasure” because nothing can be better than cocktails and spa treatments.


This is the official page for the Sophomore Mag which is a Toronto-based online magazine for the Millenial young women. This magazine discusses the traditional topics fashion, beauty, and makeup females reach for and makes it political. An example of this is their post on “An E!ducation: On the importance of pop culture” which is an eye-opening post that is completely relatable to the average reader. Politics can be so over complicated with academic redorodtic but Sophomore mag has approached quality content in just the right way. The Sophmore mag in three words “fashion meets feminism”. Their Instagram page is full of photos of everything and anything. I feel that it only a matter of time before this page blows up.



Contrasting with colour is another Canadian blogger Alyssa Garrison. Every time I scroll through this Instagram I am craving dessert and I think is has a lot to do with the pastel colors (hence the name). Her Instagram makes it nearly impossible not to click on her blog link and find out where her picture was taken. If you end up there you’ve gone to the right place. Alyssa’s post covering everything from self-help to DIY posts so you’re bound to find something to your liking. Seeing as we are focusing on Instagram, you simply must give her account a once over. I may be slightly biased because I am a die hard fan of pastels and her feed is full of pink (insert heart emoji’s here).

Instagram of @randomactsofpastel





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