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I feel like there are far too many people who hit the gym hard for two weeks, meal prep, the whole works, and after they see the slightest bit of change in their body they get overly confident and easy off living healthy until their eventually right back to where they started. I have to admit I am guilty of this too. It wasn’t until I finally decided that going to the gym wasn’t a project and eating healthy is more than just a salad that I found myself sticking to a healthier agenda. I have never struggled with obesity or any severe healthy issues but I being a girl who loves carbs I can easily pack on an extra 20 pounds in the blink of an eye. Growing up with European/Canadian parents meant that a lot of the food I ate was starches and carbs. It’s not that they ate extraordinarily unhealthy, they just did not possess the knowledge of healthy living to pass it along to me. We now live in a generation that makes a conscious effort to hit the gym and watch what they eat. Once I moved out on my own I realised it wasn’t normal to eat every meal with some form of cheese in it. I opened my eyes that the food I was often eating was something I should have once in awhile and not part of my regular diet. I began spending more time on the internet researching nutrition and exercise and it has finally become a lifestyle for me instead of a healthy kick. Here are some important points if you find yourself struggling with making it a habit too.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

If you don’t get to the gym every single day you wanted to, it’s okay! If you set expectations you’re going to feel disappointed and discouraged when you don’t achieve them. I always tell myself I am just going to make an effort to go to the gym as much as I can. If there’s a day where I would rather sleep in than I do. The next time I go to the gym I might just work a little harder on where I missed out. Same goes for healthy eating. The more you eat nutritious food the faster your taste buds are going to change and you won’t find yourself craving that cheeseburger. I am a cheese enthusiast so I know I can never give it up. I will still eat all the things I love but once in a while. Some people choose to have cheat days to stay sane. I try and work in a cheat meal here and there. If I go a full day of eating bad stuff it is hard for me to switch back, so one meal is a compromise.

The Earlier the Better

Going to the gym first thing in the morning is the best because you don’t have the whole day to talk yourself out of going. If I go in the evening I also am more distracted by feeling short on time with all the things I have to do before I go to bed. On top of that, I am exhausted from my whole day that I am generally not in the headspace to do a hard work out. Waking up, hitting them gym, showering, and getting on with the rest of your day is pretty full proof. Not to mention you can plan a mental list of everything that’s going to get done that day as your working out.

Don’t Over Complicate Things

Don’t shy away from a healthy lifestyle because you feel like you don’t know how to work out properly or your unsure of how much veggies you should be eating. It’s all a learning process and as long as you stick to making better choices it will be a continuous journey of learning more about your health. If the intentions are there everything will slowly fall into place.

It’s A Solo Journey

I see too many people at the gym working out with friends and spend more time chatting than actually working out. Not only is it wasting the time you could’ve been working out but your work out and its level of intensity becomes dependent on another person.Especially if one anther is there for motivation to go to the gym. If one decides they are too busy for a work out it can be a domino effect where the other person often doesn’t feel like going either. It has to be your own decision and motivation to be healthy that’s going to help you achieve your goals.

Find the Alternatives

If you think about the gym and dread spending another minute on the treadmill then try something new. Spend 10 minutes on the elliptical and another 10 on a bike. Changing things up is always a good idea. Even trying a new fitness class is one way to get make sure you’ve got in some fitness. Alternatives apply to food as well if you get stuck on cravings try finding a healthier recipe for something you love. Alfredo pasta is something I have loved as a kid, I recently found a vegan kelp noodle version that taste delicious. This way I don’t feel like I am sacrificing anything!


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