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So I won’t be giving up bread anytime soon. My parents always joked when I left for university that I would be surviving off of bread and cheese. Sadly that’s not the best combination for the summer bod. I always try and find healthier alternatives for some of my questionable addictions. I once tried dairy- free cheese… *gag*. So the only compromise I intend to make is swapping out enriched white bread for the most nutrient packed rye I can find. I came up with this by upgrading avocado toast by adding a hard boiled egg for extra protein.

 Not So Boring Breakfast: 

2 Slices of Rye Bread 

1 Hard Boiled Egg

1 Avocado Half

Pinch of Paprika

1 Tbl Spoons of Plain Greek Yogurt

First, toast both slices of bread and smear the insides of the avocado on each slice. Then, mash the hard-boiled egg into a small bowl and combine with the plain greek yogurt. Add equal amounts of the egg mixture on each slice of toast. Sprinkle equal amounts of paprika to either slice of toast. It is optional but sometimes I add a bit of onion or celery to the mix for some added crunch.

xx Enjoy!


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